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Santa Baby

My dad is still on Thanksgiving holiday and called off work yesterday and today.  We got to spend some good quality time together, watching Miracle on 34th Street.

I got inspired.


tis the season

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  The holiday season is now in full gear.  Annie came over for some quality roommate time, but really I think she was just using me for my scrapbooking materials.  I’m very proud, she made some pretty cute cards.  We had The Family Man playing in the background, one of my favorite holiday movies.  (I hope for my marriage to be like Jack & Kate’s.)  And now The Holiday is on.

Up on deck:

Miracle on 34th Street

Bridget Jone’s Diary

Love Actually


I haven’t seen the following, but would like to watch:


The Bishop’s Wife

Holiday Inn

White Christmas

Any other holiday movie suggestions?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m trying to come up with easy Thanksgiving dinner table decorations, and since my specialty is paper, it’s only right that I would youtube “how to make a paper pumpkin.” This video made it seem easy enough.  It only took about 15 minutes.  I’ll post the tutorial soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

deck them halls

Time to pull out the holiday decorations. For the past couple of years, my favorite christmas color scheme for interior was silvery blue.  This year, classic red is back in.  I’m can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars to replace perfectly decent trimmings, so I decided to go small and hang this wreath on my door…


this one. I like it sweet and simple.

I wish you a very merry christmas

how many merrys?

at least 7.

joy to the world

Joy to the world… all the boys and girls

Joy to the people everywhere you see… joy to you and me.


Thanksgiving dinners

It’s time to be a gym rat before my 3-day Thanksgiving extravaganza.  I’ll be making sesame noodles for my family’s dinner on thursday. Our family likes to switch it up every year.  We’ll have the traditional turkey one year, and only asian foods another.  This year, my uncle is bringing what…? WING STOP!

I have yet to decide what to bring for the annual Arcadia Thanksgiving potluck on Friday.  But I will be joining my girls in the kitchen all day Saturday preparing a full thanksgiving meal for a few of our close friends.

I’m also excited to rewatch the Slapsgiving episode from HIMYM along with all the Thankgiving episodes of FRIENDS.

crystal flakes

Just like the holiday season, boarding season is kicking off early as well.  After SoCal was hit with a storm last weekend, the mountains were covered with snow.  Our annual boarding trip is currently being planned for January.  We usually go to Mammoth Lakes, but with the recent unusual weather, I have a feeling the snow in Big Bear will be just as fluffy.

i wish i may… i wish i might

I love it when you look at the time and it says 2:22, or 5:55.  I would quickly make a wish because I always thought that if you didn’t finish making your wish before the minute changes, it wouldn’t come true.  Well today, I missed the AM ultimate wish, and by chance I sent a text message at 1:11pm.  But I definitely made sure I was wishing at the stroke of 11/11/11 11:11 PM. What did you wish for?

Patterned trees

As each year goes by, the holiday season seems to kick off earlier than the previous year. Holiday ads are now airing on tv, ornaments are hanging in department stores, christmas cards are being made… But even though my holiday playlist is blasting in my car, the interior decor will not be going up until Thanksgiving weekend (it’s our tradition). I’m not about to mess with years of tradition, but to keep up with the folks who already put up their tree, I will now post up my trees.