tis the season

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  The holiday season is now in full gear.  Annie came over for some quality roommate time, but really I think she was just using me for my scrapbooking materials.  I’m very proud, she made some pretty cute cards.  We had The Family Man playing in the background, one of my favorite holiday movies.  (I hope for my marriage to be like Jack & Kate’s.)  And now The Holiday is on.

Up on deck:

Miracle on 34th Street

Bridget Jone’s Diary

Love Actually


I haven’t seen the following, but would like to watch:


The Bishop’s Wife

Holiday Inn

White Christmas

Any other holiday movie suggestions?


One thought on “tis the season

  1. tdawg says:

    i friggin love this site! when you make enough $ to support us, let’s move to paris!!! remember, i am your biggest (and first!) fan!!! xoxo

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