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NYE 2012 cupcakery

With NYE just around the corner, I hope everyone has already secured their plans. It might be too late to get tickets to just about anything in LA, but it’s never too late to throw something together last minute.  My friends and I are excited to be counting down the new year in Hollywood, but I know some of us had opted to throw something small for our little circle. (We were overruled.)

Bling bling seems to come out most during the end of the year so in honor of this glimmering holiday, I blinged out dessert flags to go on top of mini cupcakes.  This will work in any shape or size as long as the toothpick can hold it.

I picked up these prize winning cupcakes at My Delight Cup Cakery, a little shop in Upland.  Every time I  went to a new bakery, I used to order a few different flavors tosample and red velvet would always come out on top.  In recent times, I decided to save myself from consuming calories from mediocre flavors and instead I just stick to red velvet.  When I walked into My Delight, all I could see were the two signs that said ‘First place: Red Velvet and First place: Breakfast Cupcake’.  I rarely crave a sweet breakfast of pancakes, waffles, or french toast (despite my love of maple syrup), but this breakfast cupcake sounded interesting, mainly the bacon bits sprinkled on top. It was pretty delightful, but I’d still rather have it without the bacon.  The bacon added an odd texture to the experience. The buttermilk cupcake was soft and moist and the buttery maple frosting was the perfect amount of sweet.  It tasted like I had a perfect pancake.  I guess I should stop drooling now.

I have a few red velvet cupcakes left.  After my family gets through with it, if I have any leftovers, I might have to make a few BFF office deliveries tomorrow.



HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone! I hope everyone is having a nice Merry Christmas. I learned a new technique using very fine glitter and foam or any double sided adhesive.  Stay tuned, I will show you how to get this polka dotted effect.

For my secret santa exchange, I wanted to give everyone a little something but time and my wallet limited me from being extravagant. Luckily, most of the holiday materials at Michael’s were discounted. The Christmas cookie cutters were 40% off, being 99 cents each.  (Although, Sur La Table was selling it for the same price a month ago). I remember seeing these cookie cutter ornaments from Martha, and it seemed easy enough.

This is also a great way to use all the scraps you have left over from making your cards. Trace the wider side of the cookie cutter, then cut.  Tie a ribbon to the ornament.  Then apply a thin line of glue to the non-cut side of the cutter and press paper in place, let dry.  Pink Paislee really decked hers out.

This is the first gift tag I made this season.   If you have the Making Memory Slice machine and the Mistletoe design card you can get this exact tag shape, but any shape will do. You might not be able to tell in this photo, but I used foam tape on the tree and snowflake to give texture to the tag.

How to present baked goods:

Tin cans were available at Michael’s and they’re pretty cheap.  A 7-inch tin was about $5 bucks. Measure the length from the bottom until you hit the side handle.  It should be about 6-inch in length.  Since I only have 12×12 scrapbook paper, I cut two 12×6 rectangles and wrapped it continuously around the can. The side handles can be a bit of a hassel so I used ribbon to cover the rest of the can since it’s easier.  Then I traced the tin top and cut out the circle to finish the cap. This tree is also from the Mistletoe design card. I added rhinestones to ornament the tree.  Anything can be embellished with rhinestones,  I think the term is called ‘bedazzling’. After the tissue paper and the cookies, Voila! Fin.

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Secret Santa 2011

We usually start off the evening by going around and guessing who has whom.  I guessed Joanna since she sent out a mass message calling her Secret Santa “dorkus.” Just to clarify, Secret Santa is the giver, not the receiver.  I usually just throw the word Secret Santa around in an interchangeable manner.  I guess I’ve been wrong all these years.

So it turned out that she was calling her Secret Santa a dorkus, which turned out to be me anyways.  Yes, I drew Joanna’s name.  She was the only person to ask for a handmade gift, a scrapbook, as if she knew I would draw her name.  Everyone else asked for gift cards, make up, or books.

I guess I could’ve gotten her something general from her wish list, but I probably would’ve felt guilty if I didn’t make her something. I guess my only request next year would be to have more time, I reckon it could’ve turned out better if we didn’t draw the names less than two weeks ago.

Merry Christmas Joanna, from your Secret Santa.  This is this the scrapbook I made her, 2011 in a nutshell. It starts with the kick off of 2011 in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  With me being abroad the first half of 2011, the next set of pictures will cut to my return to the states in July. (The great thing about making someone a scrapbook, is making sure you’re in most of the pictures.)  The 2nd half of the year was filled with weekend getaways to Vegas, San Francisco, and New York.  The last two pages will have the pictures we took last night at our secret santa exchange. (Don’t worry Jo, I’ll print the pics for you.)

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I was very surprised to find out that Vicky was my secret santa.  It was good to mix things up with I pass on the torch, Tracy can finally be someone else’s Secret Santa from now on.  My pinterest came into good use, cause I had forgotten to list on the gift exchange website the Anthopologie apron I wanted.  I love it!!  I’m going to look so stylish in the kitchen,  now I can retire my TapEx barista apron. She also got me the Bobbi Brown brush cleaning spray.  I’ve had my brushes for years and have been meaning to clean them.  THANKS SECRET SANTA!

Vicky & I

Candid of us looking over the scrapbook

Happy Christmas Eve!

brown paper packages tied up with string

One more day til Christmas!  Are all your presents purchased? Gifts wrapped? Cards mailed out? There’s always that ONE person’s gift you pushed back til last minute, just so you could enjoy the holiday rush at the malls.  When rushed, these quick and easy Christmas cards will save you more time than running into the store.  Just cut out shapes of different paper in different sizes and stick them all together.  It will look like you spent a lot of time on it.

The minimalist should appreciate that single stamp.

naughty or nice?

A nice little card for that naughty friend of yours.

Happy Birthday Carol!

Happy Birthday Carol!   She is one of the biggest Potterheads I know.  If you ring her, the Hogwarts theme song comes on, if you text her, you will hear parseltongue…imagine hearing that late at night.  I’m a big fan of the movies, but I have yet to read the books.  As soon as I finish Hunger Games, I will conquer Harry Potter.

I went to Wootsen Scrapbook Co to stock up on my holiday supplies, and the official Harry Potter Scrapbook materials had just arrived.  Calling all Potterheads!  I can’t wait to read the books and become one myself.



snow business

We made at an attempt to go ice skating on an outdoor rink at Nokia LIVE in downtown LA but the rink was so tiny, it didn’t work out.  There’s a huge outdoor rink in Woodland Hills but it’s a bit far.  I think it’s worth the festives.  Who’s down to go?

Frosted window panes…

Less than one week til Christmas and I still have a lot on my check list:

  • buy secret santa gift
  • buy white elephant gift
  • Disneyland
  • ice skating
  • watch Love Actually
Things that I can check off:
  • sent out Christmas cards
  • bought NYE outfits (no typo, I have three outfits.  Hey, a girl needs options.)
Are you guys ready for Christmas?

Have yourself a merry little christmas

For the past couple of weeks, my card making materials have taken over our downstairs. I’ve got tons of scrap paper everywhere and rubber stamps all over the table.  The other day, my brother saw me use this “have yourself a merry little christmas” stamp and said,”What’s the point? Can’t you just write that?”

Boys… they just don’t understand. Plus, I have the most hideous handwriting ever, it will never do (unless I want it to look like my 4 year old cousin is addressing the card).