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Jess’ birthday flip book

Every now and then, I like to go to a local scrapbooking store and browse through the aisles for new materials and some design inspiration. It’s one of my favorite past times. There are always a lot of projects on display to get ideas from and most of these projects are made of chipboard.  You can make pretty much anything with chipboard: books, frames, boxes, etc.  Your local scrapbook store should be able to cut the chipboard to your desired shape and size.  I’ll post more tutorials on chipboards later.

Here’s the gift I made Jess.


back to back birthdays

It was back to back birthdays this weekend.  Yesterday was Jess’ birthday, but since she’s all the way in NY, I didn’t get to spend it with her.  I did ship her something though… (shhh.. it should be arriving on Tuesday). I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I’ll post up her gift as soon as she opens it.

Today’s my cousin’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Yvonne!  I made her a little something something to hang on her wall…

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Happy Birthday Terry

I sent her a birthday package to her office (which arrived on Saturday) but she hasn’t received her mail yet.  Ter, don’t you have an intern/assistant to get mail for you? Send them to the mail room first thing tomorrow morning. Here’s a little preview…

Happy Birthday Carol!

Happy Birthday Carol!   She is one of the biggest Potterheads I know.  If you ring her, the Hogwarts theme song comes on, if you text her, you will hear parseltongue…imagine hearing that late at night.  I’m a big fan of the movies, but I have yet to read the books.  As soon as I finish Hunger Games, I will conquer Harry Potter.

I went to Wootsen Scrapbook Co to stock up on my holiday supplies, and the official Harry Potter Scrapbook materials had just arrived.  Calling all Potterheads!  I can’t wait to read the books and become one myself.