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holiday treats

My brother has the biggest sweet tooth imaginable (snack tooth is more like it) and the other day we literally spent 15 minutes in front of the candy cane shelf.  Why are there so many candy cane flavors? Is the original classic peppermint not enough anymore? Now you can find all sorts of funky flavored candy canes: Sour Patch Kids, Jelly Beans, Jolly Ranchers, Dum Dums, etc.  Just slap a major animated character on it (Shrek Dum Dums – as seen in the picture) and kids will go nuts. I would’ve went with the Sour Patch Kids myself, but I’m trying to limit my intake of sugar this holiday.

I am however addicted to Trader Joe’s peppermint pretzel slims.  I keep mines in the freezer where it remains cool and crispy.  My self control usually kicks in half way through the bag.  If you don’t end up eating the entire bag, you can easily fill up your decorated jars with some pretzels as a nice little holiday treat to give your friends.