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World Traveler

Package finally received! She loved it (I hope).

Terry is a big time traveler and I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to some of the places she visited. We try to do at least one trip every year. So for her birthday, I made her a mini scrapbook of our past travels.
  • Atlantic City, NJ: Fourth of July 2008 – This trip got the ball rolling for us.  We spent the Fourth in Atlantic City where the Beach Boys and John Stamos performed on the beach and where we found the most delicious buffalo wings in the world! (I wonder if that place is still the best even after all these years)
  • Montreal, Canada: Memorial Day Weekend 2009 – We spent that weekend hiking and watching HIMYM. My cousin and his wife lives there and they were kind enough to let us crash (and drive us around and cook for us). They were the perfect hosts.  I just realized that, so far, it’s always me flying over to the east coast.  Since Terry Jess and Nas lives in NYC, it’s closer for them.  I’m stuck traveling across country alone. If only the west coast had more to offer.
  • Dublin, Ireland: NYE 2010 – We went all out that NYE, we rang in the new year in Dublin, Ireland. We toured the Guinness factory, the countryside and a castle.  The weather was really cold and gloomy, it even snowed on New Year’s Eve.
  • New Orleans, LA: Memorial Day Weekend 2010 – This was a blast, we checked out jazz bars and ate po’ boys everyday. Burbon Street is like nothing else, one big street party. This is where my love for dueling piano bars started.
  • Taipei, Taiwan: Spring 2011 – I left mid 2010 to go study abroad in Taiwan for a year, but that didn’t stop Terry from coming for a visit Spring 2011 (granted she was there to visit her family).
  • San Francisco, CA: Fall 2011 – Our latest trip was in San Francisco, finally something on the west coast. The highlight was biking the Golden Gate Bridge.
2012 is looking to be a busy travel year as well. The girls are flying out here for Coachella weekend.  We also plan on heading to Italy and France in the beginning of summer.  Terry’s friend is getting married in Florence and I’m her plus one!  Can’t wait!  I will continue to add pages to the mini scrapbook, as long as there are places to go, this book will never end.



Secret Santa 2011

We usually start off the evening by going around and guessing who has whom.  I guessed Joanna since she sent out a mass message calling her Secret Santa “dorkus.” Just to clarify, Secret Santa is the giver, not the receiver.  I usually just throw the word Secret Santa around in an interchangeable manner.  I guess I’ve been wrong all these years.

So it turned out that she was calling her Secret Santa a dorkus, which turned out to be me anyways.  Yes, I drew Joanna’s name.  She was the only person to ask for a handmade gift, a scrapbook, as if she knew I would draw her name.  Everyone else asked for gift cards, make up, or books.

I guess I could’ve gotten her something general from her wish list, but I probably would’ve felt guilty if I didn’t make her something. I guess my only request next year would be to have more time, I reckon it could’ve turned out better if we didn’t draw the names less than two weeks ago.

Merry Christmas Joanna, from your Secret Santa.  This is this the scrapbook I made her, 2011 in a nutshell. It starts with the kick off of 2011 in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  With me being abroad the first half of 2011, the next set of pictures will cut to my return to the states in July. (The great thing about making someone a scrapbook, is making sure you’re in most of the pictures.)  The 2nd half of the year was filled with weekend getaways to Vegas, San Francisco, and New York.  The last two pages will have the pictures we took last night at our secret santa exchange. (Don’t worry Jo, I’ll print the pics for you.)

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I was very surprised to find out that Vicky was my secret santa.  It was good to mix things up with I pass on the torch, Tracy can finally be someone else’s Secret Santa from now on.  My pinterest came into good use, cause I had forgotten to list on the gift exchange website the Anthopologie apron I wanted.  I love it!!  I’m going to look so stylish in the kitchen,  now I can retire my TapEx barista apron. She also got me the Bobbi Brown brush cleaning spray.  I’ve had my brushes for years and have been meaning to clean them.  THANKS SECRET SANTA!

Vicky & I

Candid of us looking over the scrapbook

Happy Christmas Eve!

Happy Birthday Carol!

Happy Birthday Carol!   She is one of the biggest Potterheads I know.  If you ring her, the Hogwarts theme song comes on, if you text her, you will hear parseltongue…imagine hearing that late at night.  I’m a big fan of the movies, but I have yet to read the books.  As soon as I finish Hunger Games, I will conquer Harry Potter.

I went to Wootsen Scrapbook Co to stock up on my holiday supplies, and the official Harry Potter Scrapbook materials had just arrived.  Calling all Potterheads!  I can’t wait to read the books and become one myself.